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Holguin City

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  Short Review

As, “the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen,” in the words of Christopher Columbus on his arrival in Cuba for the first time on October 27, 1492, Holguin has changed little, and that little has been for the better.
The region has grown in terms of both population and culture, while trails have been opened into its thick forests that lead to stunning views. At the same time, Holguin’s tourist resorts, known as Guardalavaca, Don Lino, Esmeralda and Pesquero beaches, have become increasingly popular amongst those who take their vacations in the Caribbean.
Holguin has successfully developed health tourism focusing on lifestyle improvement and drug rehabilitation programs. Progress has also been made in the sphere of events and incentive travel under the leadership of the Sol Meliá Group, which offers well- equipped rooms in its hotels. There is the additional option of holding these activities in Guardalavaca and in the provincial capital.
Holguin represents one of the most diverse natural settings in Cuba. Highlands, fertile plains and fine sandy beaches alternate in the landscape of this singularly beautiful province with its numerous attractions.





During the day you can visit some places of interest in the city. From our Hostal you can reach almost everything with just few steeps.

Visit de handcrafts market

Visit el museo de la Periquera

Visit the central square and have a drink at la Begonia

Visit La Loma de la Cruz

In the night you can enjoy the night life going to:

La Casa de la Trova for some live music

La Casa de la Música if you want to dance

El Cabaret Noturno if you want to have live music, show and dance




If you have rented a car (see here our special car retal fares for La Casona guests ) or the possibility to pay for a TAXI, you could also visit these places:


Beach La Herradura

Beach Guardalavaca

Cayo Saetía

Pinares de Mayari

Rio Cayo Guan

We will be blogging in this page to provide you as much information as possible about each place. And are trying to implemment a tool, that allow you to write your own comments about these places. Just think that we are building this place without any profesional help, therefore everything takes a bit longer ;))